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Hi Joel,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Vanguard Dealer Services for the consistent efforts and support you have provided us for the last five years.

When considering switching companies to partner with for our F&I and Dealership Development, there are many choices in the market from the Factory OEM to the many companies that provide F& I products. We chose Vanguard Dealer Services based on the promist that we’re not just getting F&I Products.

Here are a few of the many reasons we decided to partner with Vanguard: The Vanguard Performance Development Process and it’s in house one on one finance training and development, the extensive retail experience Vanguard brings to the table (it’s always good to deal with real “car people”), as well as the continued support to our staff and high level of service that Vanguard provides. The results have been sensational!

We are able to recruit inexperienced F&I managers and avoid all the bad habits and problems that seasoned Finance Managers can bring with them. With Vanguard’s PDP format and training curriculum we are now very confident that this process makes them the type of Finance Managers our Company expects and can hand the challenging 21st Century consumer. In addition there has been a significant increase of $400 PVR within our groups 5 dealerships and our product penetration has doubled to over 100%.

We also value the monitoring of our state and federal compliance. This not only avoids legal problems, but the systems and controls installed, including mandatory presentation of F&I menus to 100% of customers have helped drive sales of products and protect us from disclosure violations.

Since we have implemented The Warren Henry Advantage on Vanguard’s recommendation, we have increased our market share and moved ahead of our direct competition. The process has helped us differentiate ourselves in the market and has provided our customers with more value when they purchase a new vehicle from Warren Henry. The additional training for our sales staff is a great confidence builder; it gives the salesperson a road map that helps take the customer down the road to a sale expediting the sales process. Our sales managers tell us this program has not only increased closing ratios but has also allowed us to retain higher grosses in the front end.

If you ever come across a dealer that is considering a switch to Vanguard Dealer Services, I would be glad to be a reference.

Best Regards,
Warren Henry Auto Group
Warren Zinn, President

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