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I’d like to take a moment to thank you, Joel Perez and the entire team at Vanguard Dealer Services for the many years that your company has partnered with the Vista Motor Company. As you know, Vista BMW has been the #1 BMW Retailer in the United States for the last seven years. We feel that partnering with Vanguard Dealer Services has been a perfect fit and shares our company values and reputation in the market.

When our owners and Executive Management decided to make a move from JM&A, the company that we were using for many years and one of the largest players in our industry, we didn’t know what to expect. Making this type of change, particularly in the critical F&I Department might have represented a difficult transition but our Vanguard Team has consistently been up to the task.

Our dealerships F&I performance has consistently increased in both Per Vehicle Retail (PVR) as well as Product Penetration. In 2007 our PVR was approximately $700 and Product Penetration 125% and our results recently have increased to $975 and 183$. With our monthly volume this represents a substantial increase in profit.

Vista Motors is part of the South Motors Automotive Group with close to 30 F&I Managers whose performance is tracked monthly. I look forward to reviewing the group’s monthly performance with you and take great pride when I see Vista’s F&I Managers consistently at the top.

The Vanguard Performance Development Process (PDP) for our F&I Training, and most recently Vanguard’s Automotive Career Experts (ACE) Sales Training, which has been embraced by our Sales Personnel, only adds to the high level of training and service that Vanguard Dealer Services provide.

Should you ever need a reference or any help acquiring a new dealer, please feel free to use this letter or have them contact me directly.

Thanks again,
Michael Perrault
General Manager
Vista Motor Company

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