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With a sizeable business, with multiple dealerships I have a number of trusted advisors – including accountants and lawyers.

But none who could help with the complicated challenge I had in F&I.

We knew a change was necessary; but how to do it and not disrupt the business further?

That’s where you and Vanguard entered the picture. You provided a credible plan for:
A. Helping hire and establish appropriate pay plans
B. Providing a F&I specialist to fill in and keep the business going during our transition
C. Stabilizing the finance department during the switch to Vanguard
D. Offering us new warranty products, providing full service despite our using Toyota/ Subaru Gap and VSC
E. Helping make the product decision easy, by providing key data on the A rated insurance carriers behind your product; thus making it easy to switch from an individual vendor to a company.
F. Working in the store till closing to help out and provide continuity

And then, you were patient; you waited till deemed the time right to make the move, then supported us to the utmost.

It’s said that the hardest part of managing a business is managing people. Vanguard is par excellence in this arena.

I would gladly provide a reference for you.

Elizabeth Brauer
Toyota of Morristown
Subaru of Morristown

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