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Hi Jack,

You say Vanguard is our “canary in the goldmine”. Maybe it’s more accurate to say you are a goldmine for Putnam. Consider these results since we brought in Vanguard:
Years                              2005     2013
PVR                               $500      $1,209
Contract Penetration 30%        62%

We started with a limited EasyCare program at Mazda in 2005. The reinsurance program was so strong, we expanded it to Toyota, Volvo, Dodge, Fiat and Nissan.

You are a cornucopia of innovation. We added other products like: StayNu, Dynamic Wheel, LoJack, and GAP. Service Deive programs were implemented to help increase service revenue. Recently – VT – Virtual Training for F&I, Sales and Service Managers was added – geared towards the 21st Century Customer,

• Your Dealer on Line is a user Friendly website that allows you to pull VSC quotes and remit via on line.
• Claims are paid on a timely basis and any claims issues are resolved quickly with the assistance from our rep and EasyCare. We also love the CSI Vouchers.
• Jack Hagopian is here on weekly basis, providing the red carpet treatment. He provides product knowledge support and continuous innovation to improve VSC penetration and profitability.
The Service and support levels from Vanguard Dealer Services and EasyCare has been exceptional. It has been instrumental in moving us to the next level.

I would be glad to be a reference.

Cartier Lee                                          Sam Chowaiki
Finance Director                               General Manager
650-558-5618                                    650-558-5617
clee@putnamauto.com                    sam@putnamauto.com

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