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August 22, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

As General Manager of Prestige BMW & MINI, I would like to take this time to express the great experience our dealership has had with Vanguard Dealer Services and their representatives. Vanguard has been working with Prestige BMW and MINI for over three years and has since helped build our F&I department to where it is today. They have assisted our F&I department in the following areas:
– When we built the new dealerships, Vanguard built our F&I department
– They increased, products sold, and gross per unit
– Their training help our staff present products to our customers
– Performance measurements
– Managing compliance efforts
In addition, Vanguard representatives have been helpful in training our new accounting staff to submit all remittances. Their representatives have also been helpful by:

– Being present in store during sales events
– Attending team meetings
– On a daily basis, handling service warranty claims on our drive
Vanguard representatives provide training to our F&I department so that we can properly and confidently present to our customers the best product and service available to them. With Vanguard’s assistance, our F&I department has sustained improvement. I would be happy to recommend their services to dealerships who seek industry leading results.

Chris Turner
Prestige BMW & MINI
General Manager

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