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Mr. Jim Polley
President-Vanguard Dealer Services
30 Two Bridges Road
Ste. 350
Fairfield, NJ 07004


I thought I would take a moment and communicate to you just how effective the entire Vanguard Team is at delivering results to your dealers in today’s challenging market conditions. I took a snap shot of your dealers using our menu and looked at some key business indicators being generated, a “before and after” on critical business metrics like PVR and product penetrations. It is important to note that these are not just one of two choice dealers; these are the combined results of over 25 of your dealers on the OptionSoft menu platform that are being developed and guided by Vanguard. It did not take long to realize just how effective the combination of the menu and Vanguard’s unique dealer development skills are at delivering incredible results to your dealers.
• Comparison dates are 3 months after date of initial install of OTI menu and following 3 months
o Allows 3 months to acclimate to reports, better product definition, fine tune, etc
• Key Best Practices being implemented by Vanguard in their development activities:
o “100% Rule” – all products to all customers every time
o Average of 3 menu prints per deal
o Utilize OptionSoft Business Development Reports platform fully/frequently
o Utilize the Gas Savings char and Selected Options tools/prints in the majority of deals
• Key Business Indicators:
o New PVR increased 19%
o Used PVR increased 18%
o Total Product Count Index increased 59%
o VSC Pen on New increased 32%
o VSC Pen on Used increased 19%
There are a lot of F&I Development companies in the market today that claim to be leaders in delivering results like these. Traditionally, these claims prove to be hollow and unfulfilled. Vanguard is a true exception in delivering on its commitment to their dealers, uniquely positioning them to grow and expand while others stand still or go backwards. This is what Leadership is all about, delivering results and exceeding expectations!

Nicely done to the entire team, all of us at OptionSoft are proud to be associated with such a winning team.

Key Tomaro-President
OptionSoft Technologies

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